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Alert Dialog

Create simple alert dialogs with simple code

Supported platforms: Android.

You may be looking for the Material version or the AppCompat version.


This dependency is not included in any of the fun-packs, because typical Android apps use the Material or AppCompat version.

However, it might prove handy for WearOS apps where you should use the platform one.

Add it with refreshVersions: Splitties.alertdialog.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-alertdialog.


import splitties.alertdialog.alertDialog
import splitties.alertdialog.cancelButton
import splitties.alertdialog.messageResource
import splitties.alertdialog.okButton
import splitties.alertdialog.onShow
import splitties.alertdialog.positiveButton

class YourActivity : AppCompatActivity {


    private fun doIrreversibleStuffOrCancel() {
        alertDialog {
            messageResource = R.string.dialog_msg_confirm_irreversible_stuff
            okButton { irreversibleStuff() }
        }.onShow {
            positiveButton.textColorResource = R.color.red_500