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Views DSL RecyclerView

RecyclerView extension of Views DSL

Supported platforms: Android.


If you want to use this dependency without using one of the fun packs, you can use Splitties.viewsDslRecyclerview, provided you have refreshVersions added to the project.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-views-dsl-recyclerview.

Table of contents

RecyclerView with scrollbars

To get scrollbars on a View in Android, you need to enable it in the android:scrollbars xml attribute first. Only then you can disable and re-enable them back using the isHorizontalScrollBarEnabled and isVerticalScrollBarEnabled properties.

To overcome this problem, this split provides a recyclerView function.

This function inflates a RecyclerView with both horizontal and vertical scrollbars enabled in xml, but the scrollbars will only ever appear if your content can scroll in that direction, so you likely just have to use it.

Make any view scrollable

Let's say you have a LinearLayout, or a TextView that is just a bit too long to fit into all screen sizes. In xml, you'd likely use NestedScrollView, or good old ScrollView. Unfortunately, NestedScrollView has bugs that may cut off the content in some hard to reproduce consistently cases, and ScrollView doesn't support nested scroll as you may need in your app.

On the other hand, there's RecyclerView, which has none of these issues.

This split provides a wrapInRecyclerView extension function for View that returns a RecyclerView wrapping the View is has been called on.

It is vertical by default, but you can set the horizontal parameter to true

Also, you can (should) specify the id so scrolling position is saved into instance state and restored when needed.

And you have an optional lambda to configure the RecyclerView, which can be useful for things like setting the padding and disabling clipping, setting the background, etc.

Here's two small examples:

val content = textView {
    textResource = R.string.a_very_long_string
}.wrapInRecyclerView(id = {
    verticalPadding = dip(8)
    horizontalPadding = dip(16)
    clipToPadding = false
val content = textView {
    textResource = R.string.good_luck_scrolling_these_10_thousand_characters
    textSize = 48f // This size is interpreted in sp unit BTW
}.wrapInRecyclerView(horizontal = true)

RecyclerView item layout parameters

RecyclerView.onCreateViewHolder method passes the parent ViewGroup so layout parameters are properly generated when the item view is inflated from xml. When using Views DSL in a RecyclerView, you are not inflating xml, so this parent parameter is of no use. However, you can set the item view layout parameters manually.

This split provides two extension functions on RecyclerView.LayoutManager to make it easy: verticalListLayoutParams and horizontalListLayoutParams.