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forEach for Lists without Iterator allocation.

Supported platforms: Linux (x64), MingW (x64), macOS (x64), iOS (arm32, arm64 & x64), JS, JVM (including Android).


If you want to use this dependency without using one of the fun packs, you can use Splitties.collections, provided you have refreshVersions added to the project.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-collections.


The forEachByIndex and forEachWithIndex extension functions for List allows you to iterate on a List without allocating an Iterator.

This is useful when you need to iterate on a List in performance critical conditions (e.g. code executed/called from an onDraw method, or code run on the UI thread more generally).

You also have the reverse equivalents: forEachReversedByIndex and forEachReversedWithIndex.