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Fragment Args

Fragment arguments without ceremony thanks to delegated properties.

Supported platforms: Android.


If you want to use this dependency without using one of the fun packs, you can use Splitties.fragmentargs, provided you have refreshVersions added to the project.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-fragmentargs.


class YourFragment : Fragment() {

    var someRequiredId: Int by arg()
    var optionalArg: String? by argOrNull()
    var nonNullOptionalArg: String by argOrDefault("")
    var anotherNonNullOptionalArg: String by argOrElse { "splitties rock!".capitalize() }

    private fun yourMethod() = yourCode()

fun createYourFragment(someId: Int): Fragment = YourFragment().apply {
    someRequiredId = someId