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Typesafe RecyclerView

Typesafe ViewHolder and ItemViewHolder for easy basic usage of RecyclerView.

Supported platforms: Android.

This module consists of two ViewHolder subclasses that make it typesafe, and easier to use for the common use case which is to bind a ViewHolder to a POJO (plain-old Java Object) or a POKA (plain-old Kotlin Any). See the sample to understand how it works.


This dependency is not included in any of the fun-packs, because we don't believe all apps need its content.

Add it with refreshVersions: Splitties.typesaferecyclerview.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-typesaferecyclerview.


When using ViewHolder, use the one from Splitties to get the typesafe one.

See it in action in the sample: DemoAdapter.