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Arch Room

Room helpers to instantiate your DB and perform transactions in Kotlin.

Supported platforms: Android.


This dependency is not included in any of the fun-packs, because many apps don't need Room, either because they use SqlDelight or another database system, or because they don't need a database at all.

Add it with refreshVersions: Splitties.archRoom.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-arch-room.


Room Database instantiation

The roomDb(…) function has a reified type parameter used to call Room.databaseBuilder with the proper arguments. name is the only required parameter.

You can specify a Context as first parameter if you don't want to use the application context, if you want to use a different context (e.g. to use directBootCtx in a direct boot aware app component).

The last parameter is a lambda with the db builder as receiver where you can things like migrations.