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Start activities from fragments and do transactions with minimal boilerplate.

Supported platforms: Android.


If you want to use this dependency without using one of the fun packs, you can use Splitties.fragments, provided you have refreshVersions added to the project.

For reference, the maven coordinates of this module are com.louiscad.splitties:splitties-fragments.


Starting Activities

The start extension function for Context takes advantage of reified type parameters to allow you to write such code: start<AboutActivity>().

There's an optional lambda where the Intent is the receiver so you can edit it (e.g. adding flags) before the activity is started with it.

The startActivity extension function for Context is designed for implicit intents. It expects the Intent action as first parameter, and takes a lambda to edit the intent further, like start.

Fragment transactions

The fragmentTransaction extension function for FragmentActivity allows to make a fragment transaction without having to write beginTransaction and the commit call repeatedly.

It has two optional parameters: * now, that defaults to true so you can get the Fragment immediately after by default. * allowStateLoss that defaults to false.

And the lambda is the required body of your transaction where you deal with your Fragments (e.g. adding, replacing…).

The addToBackStack() extension function for FragmentTransaction calls addToBackStack(null). It effectively makes the name parameter optional.